Lashnol Cysteamine Eyelash Perm
Lashnol Cysteamine Eyelash Perm, born from years of accumulated
technology, is a premium eyelash perm that minimizes damage to
hair while making the curls of eyelashes vivid and strong.

01 Natural Results
Lashnol Eyelash Perm can provide more natural and soft results
compared to regular eyelash perms.
Cysteamine is a milder ingredient that gently lifts the lashes without
overly curling them, resulting in a natural-looking enhancement.

02 Natural Recovery
Damaged hair tends to become weak and prone to breakage.
However, applying cysteamine eyelash perm on damaged
hair can promote natural recovery.

03 Longevity
Lashnol Eyelash Perm typically maintains its effects for a longer period. The permed lashes
stay curled for a certain duration and are less likely to lose their effect
quickly even with daily activities or water contact.

04 Protection and Strengthening
Lashnol Eyelash Perm may have a protective and strengthening
effect on the lashes. It can supply nutrients to the lashes,
helping to maintain their health and promoting their
resilience and vitality.

05 Time-saving
Lashnol Eyelash Perm generally requires less time compared to other eyelash perm methods.
The cysteamine perm can beprocessed in a short amount of time, making it convenient
for individuals with busy schedules.

Differences between regular eyelash perm and

Lashnol Eyelash perm

01 Perm Intensity
Regular eyelash perm can have a stronger effect.
The chemical ingredients can curl the lashes more dramatically,
but this may also lead to more potential damage.
Lashnol Eyelash Perm offers a softer effect, gently enhancing
the lashes in a more natural way.

02 Longevity of the Perm
Lashnol Eyelash Perm generally has better longevity.
The effects of regular eyelash perm using thioglycolic acid salts
can fade quickly, while Lashnol Eyelash Perm can maintain
the curl for a longer period.

A tube type is also available