01. Long-lasting Stay Power
LASHNOL STRIP LASH ADHESIVE is waterproof, hypoallergenic and lasts all day

02. Hypoallergenic
It does not contain latex or formaldehyde, making it gentle on the skin   

03. Easy to Use and Time-Saving
LASHNOL STRIP LASH ADHESIVE comes with a brush for fast and neat application.
It is convenient to use and dries quickly

It dries clear and securely holds in place

Black Adhesive enhances eyeliner for a sharper look and a natural lash line. 
It can hide the lash band

Clear eyelash adhesive dries neatly without a liner

STEP 1. Trim synthetic eyelashes to fit your eyes
STEP 2. Apply LASHNOL STRIP LASH ADHESIVE thinly along the synthetic lash line
STEP 3. Wait for about 15 seconds or until it becomes slightly tacky, then attach along the lash line
STEP 4. Gently press and wait for the adhesive to dry completely


<How to remove>
1. Start by slowly removing the outer edge of the synthetic eyelashes you want to take off
2. Use eye makeup remover to remove adhesive residue from the eyelid and lash band
3. Clean the adhesive on the synthetic eyelashes with eye makeup remover
4. Use tweezers to remove any remaining adhesive
5. Store the lashes on a tray for future use